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Notice to Mariners


Science surface vessels and unmanned subsurface vehicle will be operating in the vicinity of Santa Cruz from 10 August to 28 August 2006. Operations will be confined within the following positions:

  • 36-57.028N, 122-25.183W
  • 36-59.971N, 122-16.785W
  • 36-55.228N, 122-04.801W
  • 36-52.198N, 122-16.179W

Submerged vessels will be operating 24 hours a day. Mariners are request to stay at a minimum of 1 nm from the operating area. Anchored equipment will be placed at the bottom on the 85 meter line between position 36-55.000N and 36-57.000N and between 36-53.700N, 122-11.300W and 36-55.500N, 122-07.400W.

Mariners are requested to do not drag lines or nets in that area. For more details or comments contact Monterey Bay Research Institute at 831-775-1996 or Marc Stewart at 206-954-7304.

For more information, see the US Coast Guard District 11 website:
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