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Press room

General information for the press

The Monterey Bay 2006 experiment welcomes inquiries from members of the press who would like to find out more about this exciting and wide-ranging project. For background information about the individual experiments, please see the links at left. Please contact one of the individuals below to inquire about specific elements of the research or interviews with researchers.

Media contacts

  • General program information
    Jennifer Huergo, Office of Naval Research

  • On-site activities, interviews, and fieldwork
    Kim Fulton-Bennett, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

  • Specific information on ASAP experiment
    Teresa Riordan, Princeton University

News releases and advisories

Media coverage

Media events timeline

Date(s) Event
Jul 14 - Aug 3 Fieldwork for LOCO experiment
Aug 1 - Sept 15 Fieldwork for ASAP experiment
Aug 3 - Sept 10 Fieldwork for AESOP experiment
Aug 12 - Aug 28 Fieldwork for UPS experiment
Aug 21 MB 06 media advisory
Aug 23 MB 06 media briefing and demonstrations
at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (directions)


Sources of background information

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