Autonomous Underwater Glider Performance During AOSNI

David M. Fratantoni
Physical Oceanography Department}
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institutuion

Russ E. Davis
Physical Oceanography Department
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Creating Sustainable Ocean Observation/Prediction Systems

James Bellingham
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institution

Real-Time Error Forecasting, Data Assimilation and Adaptive Sampling in Monterey Bay During AOSNII

Wayne G. Leslie, et al.
Harvard University

Real-Time Modeling and Data Assimilation System for the Central California Coastal Ocean

Yi Chao
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology

NPS Center for AUV Research

Naval Postgraduate School

Ocean Observing Requires Spatial Coverage

Russ Davis
Scripps Institute of Oceanography

POSTER: Modeled Circulation Patterns and Bioluminescence Distribution Predictions During Upwelling and Relaxation Events in the Monterey Bay Area

Igor Shulman, et al.
Naval Research Laboratory
Stennis Space Center


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