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Database Connectivity from a PC Windows Platform

ODBC connectivity allows one to access data from the MS SQL server from applications such as ACCESS, EXCEL, and VISUAL BASIC.  Data in the BOG MS SQL database resides on the SOLSTICE server.  Please see MBARI' s Database Administrator for further details on the server.   For details on the BOG data tables refer to the online manual.  Following you will find instructions to configure your computer's ODBC settings.  

1. Open the Control Panel and select 'ODBC'.  On some computers this may be under 'Administrative Tools'.  This will open the 'ODBC Data Source Administrator'.   Choose the 'System DSN' tab and the Add option.  If you have a previous BOG configuration you will need to remove it before you can setup the SOLSTICE configuration.

2. The Add option will open the 'Create New Data Source' window; select 'SQL Server' and press the Finish option.  If this option does not show up, contact the I.S. group (Bill Brune, x1796) or submit a Remedy ticket.

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3.  This will open a window where you will select the database server.  For the BOG database select SOLSTICE.  You must name your 'Data Source Name' BOG (please use capital letters).  

4. You will need to request access permission from the MBARI database administrator.  If you have problems contact the I.S. group or submit a Remedy ticket.


Last Updated: 06 February, 2006