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Autonomous Metadata Inventories
Data are in a searchable webpage and may be downloaded as comma delimited ascii files.


CalCOFI Line 67 CTD Cruise Data
Data are in a comma delimited ascii file.

Line 67 Line 60 Table definitions Line 67 Map Line 60 Map

Technical Reports on Line 67
Physical, Nutrient, and Biological Measurements of Coastal Waters off Central California (PDF files)
Reports generated by the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA

  1. Oct 2005: CalCOFI S405 on the R/V Point Sur
  2. June/July 2006: CalCOFI S306 on the McArthur II
  3. Oct 2006: CalCOFI S406 on the R/V Point Sur
  4. June 2007: CalCOFI on the McArthur II
  5. Nov 2007: PACOOS S407 on the D.S. Jordan

Productivity data are only available for the NOAA Long Line cruises:

Spring 1992 Fall 1992 Summer 1993
Spring 1994 Fall 1995 Summer 1996

Archive Mooring data are available for CTD, Temperature String, GPS, Fluorometer, and meteorological system:

Summary Reports are available for the following projects:

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