Team DuraFET


Competing for the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE with an array of Durafet pH sensors

Bob Carlson, Honeywell, Inc.

Ken Johnson and the Chemical Sensor Lab, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Todd Martz, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Sea-Bird Scientific (Jim Hochstein, Dave Murphy, Tom Mitchell, Ronnie Van Dommelen, Keith Brown)

Durafet on Float

The Deep-Sea DuraFET. A pressure tolerant ISFET pH sensor

Durafet sensor

18 months of pH measured near Hawaii on profiling floats 7672, 8486 and 8514.

In Situ pH

Sensor performance has been validated in multiple tests. Below, a comparison of sensor pH operating in situ (blue line) and spectrophotometric pH (mcp method, black dots) on samples returned by the SIO rosette (top photo) is shown. Data obtained by Dr. Yui Takeshita of SIO.

In Situ pH


XPRIZE pH sensors

Durafet References

Realtime Durafet data

Launching a LOBO mooring with 5 SeaFET and SeapHOx pH sensors to test antifouling schemes on a rare, calm day in Monterey Bay.

LOBO Mooring