Mapping Program
Transit 1B

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Transits 1A to 1F consist of two adjacent swaths collected along the continental margin of California from San Francisco to Eureka. The most common features observed in the data are a series of submarine canyons aligned roughly perpendicular to the coast. Transit 1A covers from offshore San Francisco Bay to Bodega Bay and crosses Bodega Canyon. Transit 1B covers from Bodega Bay to Pt. Arena. Transit 1C crosses the Arena Canyon. Transit 1D crosses the Noyo and Vizcaino Canyons that carry sediment to the Delgada deep sea fan. Transit 1E crosses the Gorda Escarpment, the easternmost part of the Mendocino Ridge and the Mendocino Canyon. Transit 1F crosses a large canyon, the Eel Canyon, southwest of Eureka. The westernmost line in Transit 1F crosses the Eel Canyon again as well as providing data on the continental slope offshore Cape Mendocino. Transits 1G and 1H are higher resolution views of parts of Transit 1F. The large-scale setting of these transit lines can be seen in GLORIA sidescan imagery of the region (EEZ-Scan 1984 Scientific Party, 1986).

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Last updated: Oct. 02, 2013