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Arguello and Concepcion Canyon Systems

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Detailed images of sections of Arguello and Concepcion Canyon Systems

Point Arguello

Point Concepcion

Channel Islands Slope (west)

Two major sets of submarine canyons are located offshore of the Point Arguello and Point Concepcion region. The MBARI EM300 data set images these canyons in very high resolution so that detailed morphology not seen before can be used to help resolve the complex processes that formed the canyons. The Arguello Canyon system is composed of four well-defined mature canyons and three immature gullies. The Concepcion Canyon system is composed of three well-defined fairly mature canyons, one immature gully, and the associated Drake Canyon. The two systems are separated by a series of short gullies and linear mounds located just below the shelf break.

Perspective view from the northwest

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Arguello and Concepcion Canyon Systems data—20 meter grid cell size
(geographic coordinates)

Grid Sun Illuminated Image Acoustic Reflectivity Image
at 1/2 grid cell size
grids\santabarbB_bath.asc.gz geoTIFFS\sunshade\sbB_bath.tif geoTIFFS\backscatter\sbB_backscat_geo.tif

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