MB-System: Mapping the Seafloor

MB-System Developer's Workshop

Feburary 18-20, 2014
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Organized and Convened by David Caress, Dale Chayes, and Christian Ferreira

Goals of this meeting:


The intent was to have a small group composed of the core MB-System team, active MB-System developers, and representatives of organizations that are interested in contributing to MB-System development.


David Caress (MBARI)
Dale Chayes (LDEO)
Christian dos Santos Ferreira (MARUM/U. Bremen)
Krystle Anderson (MBARI)
Vicki Ferrini (LDEO)
David Finlayson (USGS)
Marcus Hammond (Stanford)
Rich Henthorn (MBARI)
Gordon Keith (CSIRO)
Peter Lemmond (WHOI)
Mike McCann (MBARI)
Suzanne O'Hara (LDEO)
Jose Padial (Stanford)
Jenny Paduan (MBARI)
Evan Robertson (NOAA)
Kurt Schwehr (Google Earth/Google Oceans)
Mathias Weinrebe (MANIDA/PANGEA)


The final meeting agenda: (pdf file) (html).


Developer's Guide to Coding an MB-System I/O Module: (pdf file) (html)

Group Picture:

Participants of the 2012 MB-System Planning Meeting

From the left: Kurt Schwehr, Peter Lemmond, Krystle Anderson Vicki Ferrini, David Finlayson, Jenny Paduan, Evan Robertson, Suzanne O'Hara, David Caress, Jose Padial, Christian Ferreira, Marcus Hammond, Mike McCann, Mathias Weinrebe, Rich Henthorn, Gordon Keith, , Dale Chayes.

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