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1500-1600 Check into Mills Hall Dorm **Dorm change due to air conditioning not working in other dorm!! UNH
1600-1700 Afternoon reception:
Piscataqua Room, Holloway Commons
Welcome and Introductions, Agenda and Goals
Amy and George
1700-1800 Dinner in Holloway Commons  
1815-1915 Talk: Climate Change 101 (Piscataqua Room) Denise Blaha
1930-2000 Discussion All
2000 Wrap up and back to dorms  

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0800 Continental Breakfast in Cole Hall  

Morning debrief/overview
Theme: Climate and Ocean Introduction

0900-1000 Keynote: Climate and Oceans Annette deCharon
1000-1100 Discussion [Notes] All
1100-1115 Break  
1115-1200 Talk: The Carbon Connection Doug Vandemark
1200-1300 Lunch at Cole Hall
(video clip of guest musicians on photo page)

Carbon Data Visualization
(see images on photo page)

Carbon Data Activity [Suggestions]

Pat Harcourt



1415-1430 Break  

Rubric Presentations [Notes]

Iron: Katie, Donna, Deb, John
Satellite Tracking : Joanne, Beth
Gliders: Julie
EITS: Kim, Linda M.
Classification: Barbara, Linda W., Christine, Kevin, Vicki, Bill
Biodiversity: Esat

1745-1800 Evaluation Chris Parsons
1800 Dinner in Holloway Commons  

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0800 Continental Breakfast in Cole Hall  
0830 Morning debrief/overview
Theme: Oceanography from Polar Research and Climate Effects on Biology

Talk: Climate Effects in the Arctic
[links to some of the videos are on photo page (#6)]

Mark Fahnestock
1000-1045 Discussion All
1045-1100 Break  
1100-1200 Exploration of Web sites All
1200-1300 Bag lunch—get ready for sea  
1315-1730 Oceanography at Sea on the R/V Gulf Challenger All
1730-1900 Dinner: Red Hook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH  
1900-2015 Talk: Connecting Biology and Climate Lewis Incze
2015-2030 Evaluation Chris Parsons
2030 Evening wrap up and return to campus  

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0800 Continental Breakfast in Cole Hall  
0830 Morning debrief/overview
Theme: Remote Sensing and Climate

Talk: Remote Sensing Primer
[Animated SeaWIFS gif of the world]

Tim Moore
1000-1100 Talk: Studying Climate from Space Joaquim Goés

Activities using remote sensing data:
Primer on Giovanni online tools
Giovanni Web site
ICEBOX Web site
Download Microsoft gif animator here

1200-1300 Lunch: NPR Climate Connection Videos  
1300-1330 Summary of all topics, questions/answers
Amy and George
1330-1730 Lesson plan/activity development
[Lesson plan template (MS Word)]
1730-1745 Evaluation Chris Parsons
1800 Dinner in Portsmouth, NH  

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0800 Breakfast in Holloway Commons  
0830 Morning debrief/overview - Cole Hall
Theme: Lesson Plan Development and Presentations
0900-1200 Continued lesson plan development - Cole Hall All
1200-1300 Lunch in Holloway Commons  
1300-1430 Continued lesson plan development All

Presentations - Cole Hall

Group Workshop Materials
Christine Planet Protection League
Linda Air/Ocean Temperature Lesson
Kevin & Julie Migrating Temperatures Lesson
Graphing Giovanni Data Lesson
Matt GRACE Presentation
John Sea Level Lesson
What is a Glacier?
What is Water?
Linda, Beth, Barb Arabian Sea Lesson
Esat Chesapeake Bay Hurricanes
Vicki & Angélica Eutrophication/Upwelling Lesson
Donna & Deb Global Warming Unit
Bill Ocean Acidification Lesson
Ocean Acidification Web Sites
Katie & Kim Ocean Acidification Lesson
Joanne Ocean Conveyor Lesson
1730-1745 Evaluation Chris Parsons
1800-2030 Final dinner event—Boating in Portsmouth  
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Full-hemisphere views of the Earth from GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites).
GOES satellites are built by NASA and operated by NOAA.

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