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2012 EARTH Satellite Workshop — Pine Knoll Shores, NC

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Dates August 15, 2012
Location Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina
Audience Middle school, High school, Community college teachers; Informal educators
Focus Ocean Observatories and South East Coastal Research
Opportunities Teachers involved in this workshop will:
  • Learn about cutting edge marine science and technology, ocean observatories and the data that they collect
  • Explore current scientific studies that use oceanographic data and how that data has changed our way of thinking about the oceans
  • Develop new curriculum that uses real science and near-real-time data to teach science content and process and addresses their needs and the needs of their students
  • Be part of a program that integrates the use of near-real-time data and real science into classrooms at a national level
  • Experience a rich opportunity for professional collaboration and receive classroom resources
  • Lunch and a $50 stipend will be provided
  • Teachers and educators interested in participating should contact Miriam Sutton
Objectives The purpose of the workshop is to:
  • Educate, excite, and engage teachers with the concept of observatory (surface, benthic, and pelagic) data in the classroom.
  • Develop curricula enabling teachers and students to utilize near-real-time data.
Pre-Survey Participants, please take a few moments to complete the following pre-workshop survey:

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Full-hemisphere views of the Earth from GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites).
GOES satellites are built by NASA and operated by NOAA.

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