NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island, NC • August 9, 2013

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0900–0930 Welcome and Introductions  
0930–1000 EARTH Overview, Website Tour and discussion of classroom use  
1000–1100 How to use Excel to create graphs to explain data so students can interpret trends Christin Brown
Education Coordinator at Jennette’s Pier
1100–1200 Tides and storm surge in water-level data; input data into excel to create materials for use in the classroom Dr. J.P. Walsh
Associate Professor with East Carolina University and the UNC Coastal Studies Institute
1200–1230 Lunch provided, on site  
1230–1315 Data collected and analyzed from water loggers to help make management decisions at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge

Dr. Christine Pickens
Coastal Restoration and Adaptation Specialist, and Michael Mangiante
Intern with The Nature Conservancy

1315–1400 Explore data sets and brainstorm application for classroom lessons  
1400–1430 Wetland restoration data compiled over the summer, local projects

Bree Tillett
Intern with the NC Coastal Federation

1430–1600 Work in small groups to brainstorm best use of materials presented, begin lesson plan development, and share plans to implement in the classroom  
1600 Evaluate and Dismiss  

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