Hawaii Cruise
March 13, 2001 to June 2, 2001
Monterey to Hawaii and back
Cruise Description


This Hawaii expedition is multidisciplinary in nature and the various legs reflect the diversity of interests and objectives. In addition to the geological objectives listed below, MBARI is also utilizing the transit times both to Hawaii (Leg 1) and back to Monterey (Leg 5). Hawaii remains the laboratory of choice for studies on submarine (and subaerial) volcanic processes because of the young age and freshness of the landforms and volcanic surfaces. In addition, because the Hawaiian volanoes are so large, the processes that degrade the volcanoes, such as massive landslides, or simply submerge the volcanoes are accentuated. Not only are Hawaiian volcanoes the largest in the world with the highest eruption rates (averaged over time), but the landslides that degrade the volcanoes are also the largest volcanic landslides in the world. Come join us as we explore this fascinating environment. We will be posting daily updates and you can obtain more information about the cruise and the researchers on this website.


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The map below is a detailed map showing the scheduled cruise track for Legs 2-4. This is a large image ( 5380kb) so it will take a little while to download when you click on it.