GetLOBOData 3.0 - LOBO Network Data Visualization

2/25/2009 - Note several bugs in GetLOBOData were corrected. The most serious caused column titles in returned data to not match the actual order of the data.

Automated access to LOBO data and automated generation of LOBO plots is possible by direct html requests to the GetLOBOData program. This web page shows how to construct a request. Select the data set, parameters, time frame that you want and click SEND. The URL of the web page that is returned with the requested data or plot can be pasted directly into another browser, or a programming language to make an automated request for the same data. For example, the following URL (all on one line) will return the nitrate and salinity data from the LOBO L02Surf node for the specified time frame: &dataquality=GQ&station=L02SURF.TXT&x=day&y=nitrate&y=salinity&autoscale=On&xmin=&xmax= &ymin=&ymax=&ystack=On&data_format=Text&submit=SEND

No more than 20 y variables can be selected in a single request. Not all parameters are required. If you leave Autoscale ON, then xmin, xmax, ymin and ymax don't need to be referenced. If you omit min_date and max_date, the max_date will be set to the current date plus 1 and the min_date will by determined by the timeunit variable. If timeunit is omitted, the request will return one week of data. The following request returns a plot of the last week of nitrate, salinity, oxygen and chlorophyll at the LOBO L01 node: &x=day&y=nitrate&y=salinity&y=oxygen&y=fluorescence&autoscale=On&ystack=On&data_format=Plot

Data can be imported directly into Matlab using the urlread() function. The following command in Matlab will return the last week of nitrate, salinity, oxygen and fluorescence data from the L20 mooring surface node:

urlread(' &x=day&y=nitrate&y=salinity&y=oxygen&y=fluorescence&data_format=Text')


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