Deploying ORCA's Eye-in-the-Sea (EITS) on MARS

Plugging in the world's first deep-sea web cam.

This video shows ORCA's Eye-in-the-Sea sitting on the bottom of the ocean at a depth of 880 m (2886 ft). MBARI's ROV Ventana placed it there on Wednesday Jan 21, 2009 and then proceeded to plug it into the deep-sea power and communications port — the Monterey Accelerated Research System (MARS).

Video sequences:

  • ORCA'S Eye-in-the-Sea with leaves folded up
  • ROV Ventana's robotic arm pulls the underwater connector out of its parking position. The other end of the 30 m long orange cable is plugged into the Eye-in-the-Sea
  • The ROV carries the plug to the MARS node ~30 m away
  • The ROV plugs into the node (power and communications outlet S-8)
  • The ROV follows the cable back to the Eye-in-the-Sea and does one last fly around. (The robotic arm was used to fold down the 3 leaves that hold the electronic jelly, the not-yet-installed bait box and the current meter.)