Press Room
10 March 2004

Ocean research for the 21st Century

From fisheries management to methane hydrates and ocean observatories, when members of Congress and federal agencies want advice on ocean-science issues, they come to the Ocean Studies Board. This week the board will be coming to MBARI for its annual west-coast meeting.

The Ocean Studies Board is part of the National Research Council, a private nonprofit organization that is the research arm of The National Academies (formerly called the National Academy of Sciences). The board's primary purpose is to advise the federal government on ocean science issues. Gathering committees of of scientific experts, the board performs studies on important topics in marine research, technology, and marine resources. Their studies document up-to-the-moment research, but also provide background information essential for Washington decision-makers who set public policy and those who plan and fund federally-sponsored marine research.

Three times each year, the board convenes to discuss recently completed and ongoing studies as well as to share general information that may be important to the ocean research community as a whole. During this week's meeting, in addition to the usual board business, several researchers from MBARI and other Monterey Bay area research institutions will be presenting talks on cutting-edge oceanographic research tools and hot topics such as global climate change.

MBARI welcomes the Ocean Studies Board and applauds the board's nonpartisan, insightful work in marine-science research and policy.

In the next few years, benthic instrument nodes such as this one will begin gathering data for ocean observatories, as described in a recent Ocean Studies Board report.
Photo: Todd Walsh (c) 2002 MBARI

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