Press Room
24 May 2005

MBARI scientists and engineers describe new high-tech research tools

One of David Packard's goals when founding MBARI was to create an environment where scientists and engineers could work together to develop new cutting-edge tools for marine research. Six different examples of such collaborative and creative work are being presented this week at the 2005 Joint Assembly meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in New Orleans, Louisiana. These talks by MBARI scientists and engineers are part of a high-profile special session titled, "How emerging technologies can advance the frontiers in the geosciences."

The Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) is a unique instrument that can detect specific types of microscopic plants and animals in seawater by analyzing their DNA. In this photograph, MBARI researchers Joe Jones (left) and Roman Marin III (right) prepare the ESP for deployment in Monterey Bay.
Photo: Kim Fulton-Bennett (c) 2004 MBARI

AGU talks by MBARI researchers are listed below, along with links to abstracts. All authors are affiliated with MBARI unless otherwise noted.

For more information on these presentations, please contact Kim Fulton-Bennett:
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