Press Room
22 February 2005

MBARI presentations at the 2005 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Several MBARI researchers are presenting talks and posters this week at the 2005 Aquatic Sciences Meeting of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) in Salt Lake City, Utah. These presentations reflect the diversity of research in biological oceanography at MBARI. All authors are affiliated with MBARI unless otherwise noted.

This benthic respirometer is one of several new oceanographic tools being described at the 2005 ASLO meeting. This instrument measures the oxygen consumption of organisms (mostly microbes) within the ocean sediment. This information helps scientists understand how such organisms can survive on the sparse food supplies available in the deep sea.
Photo (c) 2004 MBARI



For more information on these presentations, please contact Kim Fulton-Bennett: (831) 775-1835,