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News from MBARI — 2002
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Feature story — Dec 20, 2002:
Early winter storm tests mooring design

The new MBARI mooring deployed earlier this month broke free from its anchor during the heavy storm Saturday, December 14.
Feature story — Dec 13, 2002:
New MBARI mooring deployed in bay

Last week MBARI researchers successfully deployed a newly-designed oceanic buoy 52 kilometers from shore in Monterey Bay.
^The MOOS test mooring was deployed in Monterey Bay in December 2002.

News Release — Oct 17, 2002:
MBARI Scientist Uses Genetics to Study Hydrothermal Vent Animals

Robert Vrijenhoek, an evolutionary geneticist at MBARI, has spent his career studying how an organism’s genes can shape its interactions with its surroundings, the evolution of its species as a whole, and—if the animal is endangered—its conservation. Thirteen years ago, he turned his attention to the exotic organisms that populate hydrothermal vents and cold seeps.
^The manipulator arm on ROV Tiburon collects a group of tubeworms from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent at the Gorda Ridge.

Feature story — 26 August 2002:
Research Cruise Investigates Iron's Role in the Ocean

MBARI oceanographers spent a week at sea this summer studying the relationship between the width of the continental shelf, upwelling, and iron in the ocean. This was the latest in a series of experiments evaluating the impact of iron on ocean productivity.
^Scientists take samples from a CTD rosette, a sampling device that collects water from different depths

News Release — August 2002:
Underwater Robot Tested Beneath the Arctic Ice Sheet

After four years of work and numerous test runs in the Monterey Bay, a team of MBARI engineers took the institute's first autonomous underwater vehicle, or AUV, for a trial cruise in the Arctic Ocean last fall. The group spent a month aboard the Coast Guard icebreaker USCGC Healy, testing the AUV and its components under and along the Arctic ice sheet.
^The ALTEX AUV aboard the USCGC Healy, in the waters off of Norway.

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