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News release 12/10/01: Seafloor laboratories yield new insights for deep-sea carbon sequestration research

News release 10/12/01: Researchers report on possible biological effects of deep-sea CO2 sequestration

News release 12/15/00: Scientists study the effects of carbon dioxide sequestration on deep-sea animals

News release 5/7/99: Deep-sea disposal of fossil-fuel CO2:  First ocean observations.

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  • The New York Times, 11/20/01, "Plan calls for using oceans to soak up CO2; critics cite perils." by Kenneth Chang.
  • Die Zeit, 11/8/01, "Ab in den untergrund." by Hubertus Breuer.
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  • Discover Magazine, August 2001, "Greenhouse effect, R.I.P." by Neil Savage. 
  • Los Angeles Times cover story, 7/15/01, "Pitting Yankee ingenuity against global warming." by Usha McFarling.
  • San Jose Mercury News Science & Health section, 6/26/01, "Finding a safe place to stash carbon dioxide." by Greg Miller.
  • New York Times cover story, 6/17/01, "A new strategy to help capture greenhouse gas." by Kenneth Chang.
  • BBC World Service, Warm World II, 3/11/01, "Greenhouse gas burial." Radio broadcast by Richard Black.
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1/6/01, "Carbon sunk in the ocean." CBC Radio interview with Peter Brewer. by Bob McDonald.
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  • Environmental News Network, 7/29/00, "DOE commits $15 million to help blow the greenhouse down." by Robinson Shaw.
  • Newport News-Times, 7/19/00, "Scientists look at possible energy source: Seabed methane crystals." by Joel Gallob.
  • USA Today, 1/25/00, "Defusing the carbon dioxide threat: Maneuvers on land, sea could cool global trend." by Dan Vergano.
  • U.S. News & World Report, 1/3/00—Outlook 2000 issue, Bold ideas from big thinkers, page 66. "Peter Brewer: Prescribing a sea cruise for greenhouse gases." by David Whitman. (Related television coverage on KSBW-TV8, January 10).
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  • BBC News Online, 5/10/99, "Global warming solution hopes dampened."
  • Chemical & Engineering News, 5/10/99, "CO2 chemistry in the deep ocean." by Rebecca L. Rawls.
  • CNN, 5/10/99, "Ocean studied for carbon dioxide storage."
  • Salinas Californian, 5/10/99, "Area scientists close to finding way to douse greenhouse gases." by Bryn Nelson.
  • Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/8/99, "Greenhouse blob is studied beneath Monterey Bay."
  • Sacramento Bee, 5/7/99, "Wizards of ooze seek to fight global warming in sea." by Carrie Peyton.
  • KSBW-TV, 5/7/99, Evening news. Interview with MBARI senior research technician Edward Peltzer.

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