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Selected media coverage related to unknown
 deep-sea squid recorded by ROV Tiburon

Unknown species of squid encountered by ROV Tiburon  
at 3,380 meters depth off the coast of Oahu. This animal
 was estimated to be four to five meters in length.

Web story: 21 December 2001, Unknown deep-sea squid recorded by Tiburon

Selected media coverage:

California Wild
, Spring 2002, "Lights, Camera, Squid." by Kathleen Wong.
Monterey County Herald
, 2/1/02, "Squid sighting a thrill for local scientist." by Daniel Bachtold.
California Academy of Sciences
, ScienceNOW feature, Feb 2002, "New creature from the deep."
Mid-County Post
, 1/29/02, "Mysterious deep-sea squid sighted by MBARI." by David Jay Brown.
Science News
, 12/22/01, "Unknown squids—with elbows—tease science." by S. Milius.
, San Francisco, 12/21/01, "Mysterious undersea giant creature captured on video." reported by Don Knapp.
San Francisco Chronicle, 12/21/01, "Mystery squid caught on camera; Unknown species has 10 tentacles, fleshy mantles." by David Perlman.
San Jose Mercury News
, 12/21/01, "Scientists find strange squid in ocean depths." by Glenda Chui.
The New York Times
, 12/21/01, "A mystery squid found lurking at ocean bottom." by Carol Kaesuk Yoon.
Newsday, 12/21/01, "Whale of a squid is discovered: can reach up to 23 feet or more." by Bryn Nelson.
Associated Press, 12/21/01, "Scientists spot a new type of squid." by Paul Recer.
Science Now, 12/21/01, "Deep squid caught on film." by Kathleen Wong.
, 12/20/01, "What lies beneath: Researchers discover huge, unusual squid at deep ocean bottom." by Amanda Onion. 
National Geographic Today
, 12/20/01, "Weird new squid species discovered in deep sea." by Bijal P. Trivedi.
National Public Radio, 12/20/01, "New gigantic squid spotted worldwide."

Media Contact: Debbie Meyer, (831) 775-1807