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News releases and media coverage
related to bacterial photopigment

News release 2/7/02: Genomic tools reveal new microbial phototrophs in the ocean, reported in the journal Nature.

News release 6/14/01: Scientists describe variation in oceanic bacterial photopigments that convert light into biochemical energy,  reported in the journal Nature.

News release 9/15/00: Researchers discover new oceanic bacterial photopigment that converts light into biochemical energy , reported in the journal Science.

Sample of oceanic bacteria as seen 
using epifluorescence microscopy. 

Related media coverage :
Genome News Network
, 3/1/02, "Genomic tools reveal unexpected diversity of ocean life." by Birgit Reinert., 2/12/02, "Genomic tools reveal new microbial phototrophs in the ocean."
News feature, 2/7/02, "All at sea." by Jon Copley.
United Press International
, 2/6/02, "Marine microbes point to ocean diversity." by Lidia Wasowicz. 
Business Week
12/3/01, " "Down in the dirt: Wonders beckon." by Paul Raeburn. 
The Dallas Morning News
, 11/26/01, "Secrets in the soil: New genetic technique lets researchers unearth myriad microbes that could yield new drugs." by Diana Steele.
The Scientist
, 10/15/01, "A genomic view of oceanic life." By Leslie Pray.
Worth Magazine
, October 2001 issue, "Light skinned." by Sarah Bright.
Biophotonics International
, Sep-Oct 2001, "Energy-producing pigment may be common in oceanic bacteria." by Nancy Rowell.
Astrobiology News, NASA, July 2001, "Photosynthesis: Take it or leave it." by Stephen Hart.
Science Communication Program, 7/12/01, "Earth's anonymous inhabitants." by Aparna Sreenivasan.
National Science Foundation, News highlight, posted online on 7/2/01.
Astrobiology News, NASA, "Update on a new photosynthetic protein."
Laser Focus World
, 6/25/01, 6/18/01
Aquatic News Network, 6/18/01, 6/14/01, "Widespread oceanic photopigments convert light into energy."
Science Daily, 6/14/01, "Oceanic bacterial photopigments convert light into biochemical energy." 
Scientific American, 6/14/01, "Recently found energy-generating photopigment abounds in oceanic microbes." By Kate Wong.
Science and Technology News Network, 6/13/01, "Plant imposters." by Curt Epstein.
New Scientist, 1/27/01, "Tales of the sea: The ecological roles of marine microbes have always been cloaked in obscurity, but now their genomes are spilling their secrets." By Mitchell Leslie.
Popular Science
, January 2001, The top 10 science stories of 2000, "Bacteria with batteries." By Dawn Stover.
Trends in Microbiology
, November 2000, "The enlightened secrets across the ocean." 8,11: 496-497. By Trevor Stokes.
New Scientist, 9/23/00, "Sun, sea, and surprises: Biologists find oceans awash with photosynthetic bacteria." By Phillip Cohen.
Beyond 2000,
9/20/00, "Photo soup." News
, 9/19/00, "Light-driven bacteria discovered." By Aries Keck.
Bioresearch Online, 9/18/00, "Light harvest protein found in plankton." By Laura DeFrancesco.
Science Magazine, 9/15/00, News Focus: "High-tech lures hook into new marine microbes." By Elizabeth Pennisi.
Scientific American, 9/15/00, "Photopigments at sea." 

Media Contact: Debbie Meyer, (831) 775-1807