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Dec 29 Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), " New approach to Antarctic carbon research ", by Fiona Blackwood.
Dec 23 National Geographic News, " Lost Cargo ", by Melissae Fellet.
Dec 20 National Geographic News, " For a nearly hundred-foot-long jellyfish, it’s Christmas all year ", by Jane J Lee.
Dec 13 Popular Science, " ROV heads to seafloor to explore lost shipping container ", by Lindsey Kratochwill.
Dec 9 Stories related to the MBARI News release:
Survey of supposed deep-sea chemical munitions dump off Southern California reveals trash and 55-gallon drums, but no chemical weapons

- Discovery News, " Sea life thriving in chemical weapons dump" by Tim Wall. (12-10-13)
- Red Orbit, " WWII-era Pacific munitions dump site found to be chemical-free" (12-10-13)
Dec 9 Stories related to the MBARI News release:
Mapping the demise of the dinosaurs

- LiveScience, "Giant undersea cliff may hold clues to dinosaur-killing cosmic impact" by Megan Gannon. (12-11-13) [Carried by NBC News and several other outlets]
- Latin Post, " Google Maps Shows Where Impact Killed Off Dinos" by Eric Derr. (12-11-13)
- World Science, " Huge underwater cliff may hold clues to dinos’ fate." (12-9-13)
Nov 25 Not Exactly Rocket Science (National Geographic blog), " The second world that forms on sunken trees "
Nov 11 Stories related to the MBARI News release:
Feast and famine on the abyssal plain

- Discovery News, " Marine blizzards of death feed deep sea life" by Tim Wall. (11-13-13)
- Science World Report, " Seeming 'lack' of marine snow explained: Feast and Famine on the Abyssal Plains (Video)" by Catherine Griffin (11-13-13).
- Weird and Wild (National Geographic blog), " “Sea Snot” explosions feed deep-sea creatures" by Carrie Arnold. (11-22-13)
- Fox News, " Storms of 'sea snot' muck up the ocean floor" (11-26-13)
- Climate news Network, " Deep ocean offers hints of warming" by Tim Radford (11-29-13) [Reprinted on several other sites, including TruthDig and Responding to Climate Change]
- Grist, " Climate change means more sea snot" by Holly Richmond (12-2-13)
Nov 11 Subsea world news, " MBARI conducts midwater ecology Fall 2013 "
Nov 10 KALW-radio: Your Call, " How is global warming affecting the oceans? " by Malihe Razazan.
Nov 5 LiveScience, " Are ocean conditions ripe for a jellyfish takeover? " by Elizabeth Howell. [Carried by Yahoo News and other online outlets]
Oct 31 The Artful Amoeba (Scientific American blog), "What do vampire squid really eat? Hint: It’s not blood" by Jennifer Frazer.
Oct 31 Los Angeles Times, "Halloween spookiness from the deep, deep sea" by Deborah Netburn.
Oct 29 Good Times Santa Cruz, "Confronting the future" by Joel Hersch.
Oct 22 Climate Tasmania (blog), "Measuring carbon’s impact in our ocean" by Peter Boyer.
Oct 22 Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Visiting Santa Cruz, legislative committee hears from ocean experts" by Jason Hoppin.
Oct 7 Bay Nature, "Ocean acid trip: The hidden harm of climate change" by Joe Eaton. [See also: "Ocean acidification: Making sense of crabs and skeptics"]
Oct 3 Take Part, "Jellyfish: It's what's for dinner" by Willy Blackmore.
Sep 30 KUOW (Oregon Public Broadcasting), "Toxic Algal Blooms And Warming Waters: The Climate Connection" by Katie Campbell and Ashley Ahearn.
Sep 12 CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) News, "'Jellyfish invasion' controversial among scientists--Predictions of doom not universally shared" [See also "Are jellyfish taking over the ocean?"]
Sep 12 Seattle Times, "Sea Change - The Pacific's perilous turn" by Craig Welch. [Also carried by over a dozen other papers and news aggregation sites]
Sep 11, "Robots roaming Puget Sound could save shellfish industry millions" by Kiersten Throndsen. [Also carried by KVAL.ccm]
Sept 9, " X Prize Foundation Announces Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health X Prize" by Glenn Derene. [See also: Ars Technica - "Latest XPRIZE competition takes on ocean acidification"]
Aug 27 Stories related to the MBARI News release:
A deep-sea squid with tentacle tips that "swim" on their own

- LiveScience, " Strange squid feeding revealed in 1st video footage" by Laura Poppick. (8-27-13) [Carried by NBC News, and other media outlets]
- National Geographic Daily News, " Noodle-armed deep-sea squid mystery solved" by Jane J. Lee (8-27-13).
- Running Ponies (National Geographic blog), "First footage of deep-sea squid solves mystery of lame tentacle club" by Becky Crew (8-27-13).
- Not exactly rocket science (National Geographic blog)," Squid with feeble tentacles might use them as fishing lures" by Ed Yong (8-27-13).
- ScienceNOW, " Video: Deep-sea squid goes fishing in the dark" by Sid Perkins (8-27-13).
- Nature News, " Deep-sea squid uses tentacles to attract prey" by Daniel Cressey (8-28-13). [Also carried by Huffington Post Science]
- Discovery News, " Deep sea squid pretends to be tiny...then attacks" by Jennifer Viegas (8-27-13). [Also carried by the Australian Broadcasting Company]
- Nature World News, " Rare, wimpy deep-sea squid catches prey with a wiggle" by James A. Foley (8-27-13).
-, " A squid's intelligent mimicry technique" by Colin Ricketts (8-28-13).
- KION-TV, "Rare squid seen by cameras" (8-3013).
- United Press International (UPI), " Deep-sea squid may attract prey with 'swimming' tentacles" (9-3-13).
- CBS News, " Deep-sea squids' tentacle tips swim on their own" by Danielle Elliot (9-4-13).
- RYOT News, " Have you ever seen a squid like this?" by Chandler Smith (9-6-13).
Aug 26 Stanford Report, " Stanford-affiliated sea-faring robot searches for toxic algae in Puget Sound" by Bjorn Carey.
Aug 23 National Public Radio - Science Friday, " A robot lab to survey the sea floor"; interview by Ira Flatow.
Aug 22 Wandering Ponies (Scientific American blog), " Puffin census, monster pyrosomes, an unfortunate crab moustache and more" by Becky Crew.
Aug 14 Science Daily, " Successful deployment of an autonomous deep-sea explorer to search for new forms of microbial life" [reprint of American Chemical Society press release; also carried by several chemical-industry trade web sites and Astrobiology Magazine].
Aug 13 Science Now, " Bone-eating worms found in Antarctic waters" by Virginia Morell.
Aug 13 National Geographic News, " New species of naked bone-eating worms in Antarctica" by Jane Lee.
Aug 13 The Province, "Video: Scientists surprised as crab tries to eat frozen gas bubbles off Vancouver Island coast" by Thandi Fletcher.
Aug 13 MailOnline, "Catch of the day! Deep sea crab gets a shock as he mistakes methane bubbles for food" by Sarah Griffiths.
Aug 9 LiveScience, "Methane Meal: Deep-sea crab gets an icy surprise" by Becky Oskin. [Also carried by Yahoo News, Huffington Post, Mother Nature Network, and other outlets]
Aug 8 Monterey Herald, "Monterey Bay affected by climate change" by Virginia Hennessey.
Aug 5 Washington Post, "Robots learn human capabilities" by Eric Niiler. [Also carried by Seattle Times, Salt Lake Tribune, Denver Post, and a number of other newspapers across the US and overseas.]
July 31 Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction (CMOP) - Press Release, "CMOP advances sampling strategies of microbial communities in coastal ecosystems" by Jeff Schilling.
July 19 Bellingham Herald, "New machine could help predict red tide blooms in NW waters" by Dave Gallagher.
July 18, "New robot helping keep Puget Sound seafood safe to eat" by Lori Matsukawa.
July 15 Live Science, "Incredible Technology: How to Explore the Deep Sea" by Tanya Lewis. [Also carried by NBC News and Yahoo News]
July 8 Nelson Mail, "Hi-tech ocean testing by the Cawthron Institute.
July Sunset magazine, "Monterey Bay's ecological renaissance".
June 5 MBARI News release:
MBARI research shows where trash accumulates in the deep sea

- Deep Sea News, "Trash in the deep sea" by Craig McLain (6-5-13).
- Wired Science, "Deep-sea dump: ROVs expose trashed ocean floor" by Nadia Drake (6-5-13).
- KQED Science, "Deep-sea garbage caught on video" by Amy Standen (6-5-13).
- LiveScience, "Trash litters deep seafloor, mostly recyclables"; and "Photos: Trash litters deep seafloor" by Becky Oskin (6-5-13). [Also carried by Yahoo News, NBC News, The Weather Channel, and several other outlets]
- Monterey Herald, "Garbage piling up beneath Monterey Bay, says MBARI" by Will Houston and Jason Hoppin (6-6-13). [Also carried in Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Jose Mercury, and Huffington Post]
- iTech Post, "Deep sea trash - A growing problem that's being neglected" by Enozia Vakil (6-6-13).
- National Geographic News, "Pictures: Surprising amount of trash found on deep-sea floor" by Brian Clark Howard (6-6-13).
- United Press International (UPI), "Deep-sea garbage dump: ROVs reveal trash on ocean floor" by By Kristen Butler (6-6-13).
- Red Orbit, "Deep sea trash accumulating up to 4,000 meters below surface, says study" by By Brett Smith (6-6-13).
- Marketplace (NPR), "The cost of junk on the ocean floor" by David Weinberg (6-6-13).
- Scientific American - 60-second Earth, "Plastic bags litter seafloor" by David Biello (6-9-13).
-, "Life on the ocean floor garbage patch: Photos" by Tim Wall (6-9-13).
- KION-TV, "Down to Earth: Researchers document tons of deep sea trash" by Briana Bermensolo (6-11-13). [Also carried by KCBA-Monterey, KCOY-Santa Barbara, and KKFX-Santa Barbara]
- Sydney Morning Herald, "Trashy tales from the ocean depths" by Peter Hannam (6-17-13).
- Canadian Broadcasting Company - On the island, "Ocean Debris" - interview with Khalil Akhtar (6-24-13).
- Treehugger, "Researchers study 18,000 hours of deep sea footage, find ocean seafloor is covered in trash" by Michael Graham Richard (6-25-13).
- Daily Mail Online, "Our deep sea garbage dump: 18,000 hours of footage shows Pacific seafloor heaped in man-made trash" (6-26-13).
- Louiseville Courier-Journal, "Trash piling up on ocean floor, researchers find" by James Bruggers (7-6-13).
- Oakland Tribune, "Do plastic bag bans really reduce litter?" by Paul Gabrielsen (7-16-13). [Also carried by Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Jose Mercury, and Contra Costa Times]
June Australian Antarctic Magazine, "Building a future ocean".
May 28 Chemical and Engineering News, "Iron from Antarctic rocks fuels algae growth" by Mark Schrope.
May 21 Popular Mechanics, "Mobile robotic laboratory will track ocean toxins" by Allie Wilkinson.
May 19 Associated Press, "'Laboratory in a can' monitors red tide off Maine." by Clarke Canfield [Carried by several TV and newspaper web sites in the northeastern US].
May 15 Penninsula Press, "Stanford scientists develop underwater labs to study coral and climate change.
May 12 Huffington Post, "'Zombie worms' devour whale bone with skeleton-melting acid, new study finds [from a press release by Scripps Institution of Oceanography].
May 8 Red Orbit, "Robotic sensor helps track and manage toxic red tides" by April Flowers [based on a press release from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution].
May 8 Off 68, " From the Monterey Bay to the Mount Toro antenna." by Robert Walch.
May 7 Biozine, "One whale of a worm.".
May 2 Science News, " Evolutionary enigmas--Comb jelly genetics suggest a radical redrawing of the tree of life." by Amy Maxmen.
Apr 24 KION (Salinas TV), "Monterey County students take top honors in science." by Jasmine Viel.
Apr 21 Wall Street Journal, "Squid sells SeaWorld." by Al Lewis.
Apr 19 Wired-UK, "Gallery: killer parrots, the pigbutt worm and other extraordinary animals." by Kadhim Shubber.
Apr 10 National Geographic Wild, "Seriously sea-through" [Featured in "World's Weirdest," episode III].
Apr 5 Wired, "Starving sea lion pups still washing up by the hundreds in California." by Nadia Drake.
Apr 5 Greenwire, "New technologies take climate research out of the lab and into the sea." by Laura Petersen.
Apr 2 Coast Report Online, "OCC goes under the sea - Students are receiving hands-on experience with AUVs." by Beau Nicolette.
Apr 1 Yahoo News, "Deep-sea vent life not living fossils" by Becky Oskin.
Mar 27 Nature News, "Private research ship makes waves" by Alexandra Witze.
Mar 8 Science, "A Sea Change for U.S. Oceanography" by Eli Kintisch.
Mar 4 San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, "Filmmaker Q&A: Sheraz Sadiq" [featuring QUEST video "Exploring Corals of the Deep"].
Feb 26 San Francisco Bay Guardian, "Light-up wonders, deep sea explorers, jelly apps: Marine biology at the Bone Room" by Jessica Wolfrom.
Feb 14 Good Times, "Mini microbes make a big splash" by Lorrie Klosterman.
Feb 13 Mail Online, "Could the sea be conscious? Research reveals how tiny plankton behave like a marine 'megamind'" by Damien Gayle.
Feb 5 Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute scientists help to capture day in life of microscopic communities" by Kelly Servick. [Also carried in San Jose Mercury]
Jan 31 Marketplace (PBS), "That battery in your cell phone packs a lot of history" by Scott Tong. [Carried on PBS stations across the U.S.]
Jan 30 Daily Mail, "Captured dead or alive: Astonishing pictures of the bizarre creatures that lurk deep beneath the ocean waves" by Damien Gayle.
Jan 29 Monterey County Weekly, "MBARI Discovers New Species of Carnivorous Sponge" by Diana LaScala-Gruenewald.
Jan 23 Science Daily, "Microbiologists eavesdrop on the hidden lives of microbes" (from MIT news release by Denise Brehm). See also: Scientists track ocean microbe populations in their natural habitat.
Jan 23 Design World, "Servomotor controllers help underwater vehicle maneuver longer" by Terry Persun.
Jan 22 The Weather Channel online, "Freaky fish has see-through head ".
Jan/Feb Discover Magazine, "Meet the oddest new creatures of 2012" by Amy Barth.
Jan 3, "30-year Kilauea eruption bursts with scientific discoveries " by Becky Oskin.

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