13 July 2000

MBARI Monterey canyon map chosen for prestigious map gallery

A striking map of Monterey Canyon, imaged in never-before-seen detail by MBARI scientists two years ago, has been selected for inclusion in a printed and online gallery of maps recently published by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). 

MBARI geology research technician Norman Maher used ESRI's GIS software to create the canyon map which includes an overlay of seafloor faults. The online map gallery (see Oceans/Seas section in the index) also contains information about Monterey Canyon, the surrounding seafloor features, and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

The map gallery and the companion book, 2000 ESRI Map Book, were released last week during the ESRI International User Conference.

Note: The above high-resolution map of Monterey Canyon is available as a poster through the Monterey Bay Aquarium store (phone: 877-665-2665).

Contact: Debbie Meyer (831) 775-1807, pressroom@mbari.org