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MBARI launches new website

30 May 2000

Welcome to the redesigned MBARI website. We have spent several months bringing this new site online in an effort to improve navigation and access to our varied resources. Some of the features from our old website may have moved, but if you hover your cursor over the links at the top of the page, information will pop up to show what you can find under each link. We’ve also added a site map and a search feature to help you find what you are looking for.

This new format offers a prime spot in the middle of the home page that we’ll use to share MBARI news and updates. In this area we will include just-published research findings, reports from our expeditions, science and engineering advances, and some of the many interesting photos we collect in the course of our work. We plan to change this section regularly so check back often to see the latest.

Other new features include a collection of video and images, software available for downloading, more links to data, and a central page about our researchers so you can see their major areas of interest. The MBARI website offers more than 4,000 pages of information and is constantly being enhanced. We welcome your comments and suggestions; send them to

Our new design was created by Mandala Net Design and implemented by MBARI staff.