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Images related to news release:
Researchers report findings from 
MBARI's Hawaii expedition

News release 

Media Contact:
Debbie Meyer, (831) 775-1807,

Note: These images may not be copied, reprinted, or used without explicit permission from MBARI. Members of the media needing higher-resolution versions should contact Debbie Meyer,, 831-775-1807.

Pillows surrounded by black glass sand formed by the collapse of lava bubbles
and by the shattering of lava during mild strombolian (gas-rich, explosive) eruptions.
 Puna Ridge, 2,165 meters.
2001 MBARI

Eggshell pillow. The lava inside this
 pillow drained away while the pillow
margin was still plastic. Drained pillows
are common near submarine vents.
 Puna Ridge, 2,107 meters.

2001 MBARI

Ancient coral reef partially dissolved
 when sea level fell faster than 
the island subsided. West Kohala
 Volcano, 421 meters.
2001 MBARI

Sheet flows on ponds are commonly folded, demonstrating the rapid emplacement of these fluid flows.
Niihau, 1,661 meters.
2001 MBARI

Cross-bedded layers of ash offshore from Hanauma Bay. A white encrusting sponge is growing at the top. Oahu, 513 meters.
2001 MBARI

Layers of ash that are evidence of an explosive eruption, contradicting conventional wisdom that explosions should not happen deep underwater.
 Kauai, 1,581 meters.

2001 MBARI

allDives.jpg (47444 bytes)
High-resolution bathymetric map
 of the seafloor surrounding the
 Hawaiian Islands, with colored dots representing ROV Tiburon dive
 locations during the expedition.

2001 MBARI

niihau.jpg (163788 bytes)
The seafloor of Niihau has many 
flat-topped cones that formed 
as submarine lava ponds.
2001 MBARI