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5 February 2001

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
 and Stanford University form 
technology licensing alliance

MOSS LANDING, California—The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) and Stanford University's Office of Technology Licensing announced the formation of an alliance to market and license MBARI technology for commercial use.

     The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute was founded as a private non-profit oceanographic center in 1987 by David Packard with a mission to develop better instruments, systems, and methods for ocean science and technology. MBARI met the challenge of designing and building an advanced remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for deep-sea exploration, and is now developing genetic probes, sampling devices, autonomous underwater vehicles and specialized ocean instrumentation for long-term measurements. MBARI scientists continue to demonstrate the value of advanced technology for remote observations and for performing complex experiments and manipulations in the sea.

     "MBARI is absolutely delighted with the strategic alliance we have formed with Stanford University to help transfer MBARI technology and other discoveries to potential beneficiaries in the most cost-effective manner," said Marcia McNutt, MBARI President and CEO. "Stanford has a superb reputation in licensing issues and a philosophy that very much matches MBARI's own—accelerating technology transfer for the benefit of society. Stanford has an impressive roster of clients and a licensing office with much more breadth and depth than MBARI could ever hope to assemble."

     Katharine Ku, Director of Stanford's Office of Technology Licensing, added "We have been interested in bringing together a critical mass of oceanographic technologies and the alliance will be a great first step. MBARI and Stanford have many close research relationships so we are particularly excited about working together to bring MBARI innovations to the marketplace."

     Stanford University's Office of Technology Licensing has built close relationships with both Stanford faculty and industry to help facilitate the transfer of technology in ways that benefit society. Its unique patent and technology database offers efficient access to patented and advanced unpatented technologies developed by Stanford.

     Terms of the alliance were not disclosed.


MBARI Media Contact:
Debbie Meyer, (831) 775-1807,

Stanford Contact:
Luis Mejia, (650) 723-0651,