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12 August 2003

Autonomous Ocean Sampling Network
Media contacts for Monterey Bay 2003 experiment

AOSN Partner

Research Role

Media Contact

California Institute of Technology

Dynamical systems modeling


California Polytechnic State University

Bioluminescence sensors; autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) observations, optics and bioluminescence


Harvard University

Numerical ocean modeling / mesoscale circulation


Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Project coordination, definition, infrastructure, floats, Lagrangian drifters, AUV & mooring observations, hosting; bioluminescence program

Debbie Meyer, (831) 775-1807

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Numerical ocean modeling / atmospheric forcing

Alan Buis, (818) 354-0474

Naval Postgraduate School 

Surface currents / sea surface fields / subsurface fields (aircraft, high-frequency radar, unmanned underwater vehicle measurements)

John Sanders, (831) 656-3346

Naval Research Laboratory  Stennis Space Center

Numerical ocean modeling / small scale dispersion

Becky Rotundo, (228) 688-5328

Naval Research Laboratory Monterey

Atmospheric forcing / targeted observations


Office of Naval Research Primary funding agency, Grant # N00014-02-1-0856 Jennifer Huergo, (703) 696-0950

Princeton University

Glider dynamics, control, adaptive sampling

Steven Schultz, (609) 258-5729
Patty Allen, 609-258-6108

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Deep gliders, floats

Cindy Clark or Mario Aguilera
(858) 534-3624

University California at Santa Barbara

Bioluminescence sensors


University California at Santa Cruz

Ship hydrographic survey

Tim Stephens, (831) 459-4352

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Physical observations / glider network

Shelley Dawicki, (508) 289-2270