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You can request images for use in news or feature articles related to the MBARI news release "Nurseries in the deep sea" by completing the form below.

In filling out this form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use listed below:

My organization acquires no rights to these images except for a specific story related to the news release above, nor is it authorized to transfer any rights to any other person or organization.
We agree to include credits information as listed adjacent to each image.
We agree that if these images are used on the World Wide Web, they will be used only in conjunction with one or more articles regarding the news release listed above.
In the event these images are used on the web, they may remain online for as long as the story is archived. Otherwise, they must be destroyed.
We agree to provide MBARI a copy of the written story, and/or the web address if it is placed on the Web.

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