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08 December 2003                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

MBARI abstracts
AGU 2003 Fall Meeting  

MBARI first-authored abstracts for AGU 2003 Fall Meeting, San Francisco

Monday Morning

Submarine rejuvenated-stage lavas offshore Molokai, Oahu, Kauai, and Niihau, Hawaii. *D A Clague, B L Cousens, A S Davis, J E Dixon, K Hon, J G Moore, J R Reynolds  
0805 V11B-01 MCC 3006

Detection of visual events in underwater video using a neuromorphic saliency-based attention system. *D R Edgington, D Walther, D E Cline, R Sherlock, K A Salamy, A Wilson, C Koch
0830 H11F-0912 MCC Level 2 (POSTER)

Monday Afternoon

A long-term seismic array on the Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge. *P R McGill, W S Wilcock, D S Stakes, A H Barclay, T M Ramirez, D R Toomey
1330 B12A-0748 MCC Level 2 (POSTER)

Tuesday Afternoon

Pyroclastic fragmentation of alkalic lava in abyssal depths at the North Arch Volcanic Field, Hawaii. *A S Davis, D A Clague, J Paduan  
1330 V22C-0592 MCC Level 1 (POSTER)

Wednesday Morning

Dating one slide event of the complex compound Goleta submarine landslide, Santa Barbara Basin, California, USA. *H Greene, M A Fisher, W Normark, N Maher
0830 OS31A-03 MCC 3000 (INVITED)

Use of vesicomyid clams as proxies for ageing submarine landslide events. *J P Barry, P J Whaling  
0930 OS31A-07 MCC 3000

Wednesday Afternoon

Hydrothermal deposits in the Southern Trough of Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California: observations and preliminary results from the 2003 MBARI dive program. *D S Stakes, M K Tivey, R A Koski, A Ortego-Osorio, C M Preston, M T McCulloch, K Nakamura, J Seewald, C G Wheat,  MBARI GOC Leg 2 Scientific Party
1330 OS32A-0234 MCC Level 1 (POSTER)

First expeditionary deployments of the deep ocean Raman in situ spectrometer. *S N White, P G Brewer, E T Peltzer III, W Kirkwood, J D Pasteris, N Nakayama
1330 OS32A-0235 MCC Level 1 (POSTER)

Development of a precision underwater positioner for in situ spectrographic applications. W Kirkwood, *S N White, M Brown, S Jensen, R Henthorn, K Salamy, P G Brewer, E T Peltzer
1330 OS32A-0236 MCC Level 1 (POSTER)

EARTH (Education and Research: Testing Hypotheses)-Educational outreach efforts by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) and the Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA). *G I Matsumoto, R Bell  
1425 ED32D-04 MCC 3012

Thursday Afternoon

Environmental impact of a submarine cable: case study of the Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate (ATOC)/ Pioneer Seamount cable. *I Kogan, C K Paull, L Kuhnz, S von Thun, E Burton, H G Greene, J P Barry
1330 OS42A-0828 MCC Level 2 (POSTER)


Media Contact: 
Debbie Meyer, AGU Press Room Dec. 8-12 (415) 348-4440
or at MBARI ( 831) 775-1807,