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12 February 2004

Images related to the MBARI news release
Cutting-edge oceanography helps scientists understand climate change on Earth (and other planets)

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Image for: "A CO2 enriched ocean: enormous blessing or future problem?"

Image credit: © 2001 MBARI

This frame from video taken by MBARI's remotely operated vehicle Tiburon shows a large Pacific Grenadier fish (Coryphaenoides acrolepsis) feeding close to liquid CO2 being released into a corral at an experiment site about 3600 meters below the sea.

Image for: "Bridging the gap: creating a hydrate laboratory on the ocean floor?"

Image credit: © 2002 MBARI

MBARI's laser Raman spectrometer focused on liquid CO2 during an experiment conducted using the remotely operated vehicle Tiburon at about 3600 meters below the sea.

Image for: "The role of iron in regulating climate – what we don't understand about its ocean chemistry but need to know"

Image credit: Debbie Meyer © 2000 MBARI

This "fish" is used to collect water samples for iron analysis. Because iron is present in such tiny concentrations in seawater, all sampling must be done using special equipment to avoid contamination.

Images for: "New technologies for exploring oceans"

Image credit: Charles Paull (c) MBARI 2002

This image shows one of MBARI's benthic instrument nodes being lowered into Monterey Bay. Such instrument nodes will eventually be networked together by undersea cables to provide long-term, real-time monitoring stations on the sea bottom.


Image credit: Todd Walsh © 2001 MBARI

This autonomous underwater vehicle is designed to navigate beneath the Arctic ice, meauring the chemical properties of the sea water, as well as the thickness of the surface ice. Similar probes could search for signs of life on other worlds that have ice-covered oceans

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