MBARI first-authored posters and talks at AGU 2006 (by date)
Title   Author Day Time Number
Visualization tools for model/data comparisons and decision making during the Monterey Bay 2006 experiment. Lionel Pawlowski 1-Mon 800 OS11C-1507
Diatom Vertical Migration to Acquire Iron (talk) Ken Johnson 1-Mon 925 OS11D-05
A characterization of the megafauna on Davidson Seamount Lonny Lundsten 1-Mon 1340 V13A-0650
Functional Relationship Between Phytoplankton and Aerobic Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Bacteria: Modes of Coexistence Zbigniew Kolber 1-Mon 1340 OS13C-1571
Erratic Continental Rocks on Volcanic Seamounts off California and Oregon Jenny Paduan 1-Mon 1340 V13A-0640
Caldera Formation on the Vance Seamounts David Clague 1-Mon 1340 V13A-0644
The Extent and Recurrence of Holocene Turbidity Currents in Monterey Canyon and Fan Channel, offshore California Joel Johnson 1-Mon 1715 OS14A-06
Rates of Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane and Authigenic Carbonate Mineralization in Methane-Rich Deep-Sea Sediments Inferred from Models and Field Data William Ussler 2-Tues 1120 B22A-05
Mapping AUV Survey of Axial Seamount Hans Thomas 2-Tues 1340 V23B-0615
Similarities in Chemistry of North Gorda Ridge basalts with Ultra-slow Spreading Ridge Lavas Due to Decreasing Magma Supply Alice Davis 2-Tues 1340 V23E-0687
Vertical Motions of Oceanic Volcanoes David Clague 3-Wed 805 V31E-01 INVITED
Novel observations on the massive Barkley Canyon hydrates (talk) Peter Brewer 3-Wed 830 MR31A-03
Error Analysis and Sampling Design for Ocean Flux Estimation Yanwu Zhang 3-Wed 1340 OS33A-1683
The Potential of Silent Tsunamis Along the Central California Margin Gary Greene 3-Wed 1630 OS34C-03
The Marine Metadata Initiative: The Next 3 Years Luis Bermudez 4-Thurs 800 IN41B-0885
Distributed Observatory Management Michael Godin 4-Thurs 930 IN41C-07
An Experimental Determination of Natural Clathrate Hydrate Dissolution Rates in the Deep Sea Edward Peltzer 4-Thurs 1340 MR43A-1067
An autonomous multibeam, sidescan, and subbottom survey of a methane hydrate outcrop in Barkley Canyon, offshore Vancouver Island Dave Caress 4-Thurs 1340 MR43A-1063
Assessing Methane Release From the Colossal St\oregga Submarine Landslide Charles Paull 4-Thurs 1340 OS43C-0682
Carbon Cycle Dynamics in the Labrador Sea During the Spring to Summer Phytoplankton Bloom Todd Martz 5-Fri 1340 OS53A-1088