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28 February 2006

Images related to the news release
NOAA and MBARI announce winners in competition to design an environmentally-friendly anchor

Note: These images may not be copied, reprinted, or used without explicit permission from MBARI. Members of the media needing higher-resolution versions should contact Kim Fulton-Bennett,, 831-775-1835.

Image credit: ((c) 2000 MBARI

MBARI's remotely operated vehicle Ventana places a small anchor for scientific equipment on the bottom of Monterey Bay.

Image credit: (c) 2004 MBARI

Researchers sometimes hold their equipment in place using scrap iron, such as these broken rails from an old railroad track.

Image credit: (c) 2006 NOAA/MBARI

Old railroad wheels are sometimes used to anchor really large scientific moorings to the seafloor.

Image credit: (c) 2006 MBARI

This anchor design, proposed by an MBARI scientist and marine operations technicians, uses a floating reel of line to haul the anchor to the surface after the scientific experiment is complete.

Image credit: (c) 2005 Arrol Lund

This sketch shows the winning design for a "disposable" anchor system created by Arrol Lund.

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