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3/17/15 Geology Deep-sea robot, caught in underwater avalanche, yields new scientific insights
9/23/14 Biology Big changes in the Sargasso Sea
7/31/14 Biology Deep-sea octopus broods eggs for over four years—longer than any known animal
6/9/14 Biology Dream team of scientists and aquarists gives public first view of a live vampire squid and other deep-sea cephalopods
5/7/14 Biology First-ever study describes deep-sea animal communities on and around a sunken shipping container
4/14/14 Biology Researchers describe four new species of “killer sponges” from the deep sea
4/9/14 Biology Sunken logs create new worlds for seafloor animals  
12/9/13 Chemistry, Conservation Survey of supposed deep-sea chemical munitions dump off Southern California reveals trash and 55-gallon drums, but no chemical weapons
12/9/13 Geology Mapping the demise of the dinosaurs  
11/11/13 Biology Feast and famine on the abyssal plain
8/30/13 Biology A deep-sea squid with tentacle tips that "swim" on their own
7/16/13 Biology,
Fish-tracking robots take to the seas and skies off Portugal      
6/5/13 Biology MBARI research shows where trash accumulates in the deep sea.
9/26/12 Biology MBARI researchers discover what vampire squids eat (it's not what you think).
5/11/11 Biology, Technology Antarctic icebergs help the ocean take up carbon dioxide.
4/12/11 Biology Bone-munching worms from the deep sea thrive on fish bones.
3/7/11 Biology, Technology MBARI teams with Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to study effects of shipping containers lost at sea.
1/20/11 Biology Newly discovered group of algae live in both fresh water and ocean—may have worldwide distribution.  
12/6/10 Biology Fleshing out the life histories of dead whales
11/1/10 Technology New long-range undersea robot goes the distance
10/13/10 Technology, Biology Multi-institutional experiment finds harmful algal blooms in Monterey Bay  
10/13/10 Technology, Biology The CANON experiments – Tracking algal blooms by “going with the flow”  
8/19/10 Technology, Conservation Sonar images from robotic submersible help officials determine if historic shipwreck poses oil pollution threat  
6/23/10 Chemistry,
Researchers discover source of essential nutrients for mid-ocean algae  
5/28/10 Technology MBARI sends underwater robot to study Deepwater Horizon spill
3/23/10 Biology New website tracks jellyfish strandings around the world  
1/26/10 Biology Understanding human threats to the Earth's largest habitat—the deep sea
11/10/09 Biology A motley collection of boneworms
11/4/09 MBARI Christopher Scholin appointed MBARI President and CEO  
11/2/09 Biology, Climate Deep-sea ecosystems affected by climate change
10/22/09 MBARI MBARI President and CEO Marcia McNutt to lead U.S. Geological Survey  
9/9/09 Technology
New robot travels across the seafloor to monitor the impact of climate change on deep-sea ecosystems
4/17/09 Chemistry
Increasing carbon dioxide and decreasing oxygen in the oceans will make it harder for deep-sea animals to "breathe"    
4/9/09 Biology Genes from tiny marine algae suggest unsuspected avenues for new research  
2/23/09 Biology Researchers solve mystery of deep-sea fish with tubular eyes and transparent head
2/11/09 Biology Seamounts may serve as refuges for deep-sea animals that struggle to survive elsewhere
11/17/08 Technology Deep-sea observatory goes live
09/29/08 Chemistry
Sounds travel farther underwater as world's oceans become more acidic  
05/20/08 Conservation Scientists and decision makers discuss the fate of the ocean    
01/09/08 Conservation Stanford, Aquarium, MBARI launch new center to tackle global threats to oceans  
07/24/07 Biology Humboldt squid on the move
07/03/07 Technology Scaling a scientific Tower of Babel Helping oceanographic instruments learn a common language    
06/21/07 Biology
Antarctic Icebergs: hotspots of ocean life  
04/04/07 Technology Cable laid for new deep-sea observatory  
02/05/07 Geology Methane bubbling through seafloor creates undersea hills  
12/11/06 Various MBARI research highlightsAGU 2006 Fall Meeting    
09/07/06 Archaeology Ocean expedition explores submerged wreck of historic naval airship USS Macon in NOAA Monterey Bay Sanctuary

08/23/06 Technology Schools of undersea robots give oceanographers new eyes and ears in the sea  
07/10/06 Biology Midgets and giants in the deep sea
02/28/06 Technology
NOAA and MBARI announce winners in competition to design an environmentally-friendly anchor
01/26/06 Biology Ocean expedition to explore ancient coral gardens
01/05/06 Biology
Tiny marine organisms reflect ocean warming  
12/09/05 Various MBARI research highlightsAGU 2005 Fall Meeting    
07/07/05 Biology Deep-sea jelly uses glowing red lures to catch fish  
06/09/05 Biology "Sinkers" provide missing piece in deep-sea puzzle
12/13/04 Geology Ancient islands off Southern California
07/29/04 Biology Whale carcass yields bone-devouring worms
04/15/04 Climate,
Moss Landing researchers reveal iron as key to climate change  
02/12/04 Chemistry,
Cutting-edge oceanography helps scientists understand climate change on Earth (and other planets)  
02/03/04 Biology New "bumpy" jelly found in deep sea
12/08/03 Geology,
MBARI research highlights: AGU 2003 Fall Meeting  
09/03/03 Biology Nurseries in the deep sea
08/12/03 Technology Oceanographers converge on Monterey Bay
05/05/03 Biology Big red jelly surprises scientists
04/10/03 Geology MBARI geologist describes close-up views of deep-sea ridges      
01/10/03 Climate From sardines to anchovies and back in 50 yearsLocal fisheries part of bigger cycle affecting entire Pacific Ocean    
12/06/02 Technology Exploring an ice-bound world      
12/06/02 Biology,
MBARI research highlights: AGU 2002 Fall Meeting      
09/23/02 Technology Undersea data network planned for Monterey Bay      
09/20/02 Technology MBARI to host live deep-sea TV program      
08/26/02 Biology Research cruise investigates iron's role in the ocean      
06/13/02 Technology MBARI and Satlantic offer new in situ nutrient analyzer      
05/08/02 Geology,
Expedition to explore remarkable deep-sea mountainDavidson Seamount      
02/07/02 Biology Genomic tools reveal new microbial phototrophs in the ocean      
01/07/02 Technology Study shows deoxygenating ballast water can prevent invasive species and ship corrosion      
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