MB-System: Mapping the Seafloor

MB-System Planning Meeting

January 17-18, 2012
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Organized and Convened by Dale Chayes and David Caress

Goals of this meeting:

  1. Define priorities and tasks for the next five-year MB-System project to be proposed to NSF-OCE in February by Caress and Chayes.
  2. Define priorities and tasks for MB-System related development efforts by other groups.


The intent was to have a small group composed of the core MB-System developers, users that have substantially contributed to the project over the past few years, and representatives of organizations that have expressed interest in parallel development efforts contributing to MB-System

In-the-room Participants:

Bob Arko (LDEO)
Brian Calder (CCOM/UNH)
David Caress (MBARI)
Dale Chayes (LDEO)
Vicki Ferrini (LDEO)
David Fischman (NGDC/NOAA)
Paul Johnson (CCOM/UNH)
Gordon Keith (CSIRO
Peter Lemmond (WHOI)
Suzanne O'Hara (LDEO)
Val Schmidt (CCOM/UNH)
Christian dos Santos Ferreira (MARUM/U. Bremen)

Remotely (via Google Hangout and/or email)

Kurt Schwehr (Google)
Hartmut Piertrek (BSH)
Bob Covill (Tekmap)


A meeting summary, a resulting draft work plan, and detailed notes are all found in this pdf file.

A Few Pictures:

Participants of the 2012 MB-System Planning Meeting

From the left: Dale Chayes, Suzanne O'Hara, David Fischman, Paul Johnson, Brian Calder,
Gordon Keith, Val Schmidt, Christian Ferreira, Bob Arko David Caress, Peter Lemmond.
Remotely via the laptop: Kurt Schwehr. Not shown: Vick Ferrini.

Christian proves MBedit will run on a cell phone....

Christian proves you can run MBedit on a cell phone.

A view of the room...

The Lamont Hall seminar room.

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