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Primary Productivity Measurements on NOAA's Long Line Cruises

During 1992 to 1996 we particpated in NOAA's Climate and Global Change Program (C&GC) under the Ocean-Atmosphere Carbon Exchange Study (OACES).  Our goals were to take measurements of primary and new production observations relevant to climate and global change over large portions of the global ocean in an attempt to quantify the effects of the biological system on the carbon and nitrogen cycle.  In addition to taking productivity measurements we also collected  nitrate concentration, phytoplankton biomass and production, and downwelling irradiance data. cruise map

The map above displays the regions we have explored.  You may click on the cruise track or one of the buttons below to access the project web page, where you will find an introduction, method and materials, results and data sections. 


Productivity data are available for the following cruises:
N92S, N92F, N93S, N94S, N95F, N96S

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Last Updated: 09 November, 2004