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On a monthly basis we process sea temperatures from the coast of Peru at Paita . Daily sea surface temperatures (SST) are collected by our colleagues from the Universidad de Piura 3 times per day, at 8:00, 12:00, and 18:00 hours. Additionally samples are collected at 0m, 10m, 25m, 60m, and 100m depths weekly and summarized in annual cycle graphs.  Fish catch data contains several species from Paita.

Temperature Archives

Temperatures and graphs for a given 12 month period. A 3 panel graph of monthly SST, time series of running means for SST, and time series of running means for temperature at 60m. 

Select the final month of the series you want to see from the archives drop-box in the navigation bar on the left.

Fish Catch Data

Historical yearly fish catch data from 1981. A 6 panel graph of Sardine, Caballa, Merluza, Jurel, Anchovy Blanca, and Anchovy Negra (metric tons). These represent those species currently reported on a monthly basis from Peru. Other species may be viewed in Figures 1-3.

Current Monthly Fish Landings - Sardine, Caballa, Merluza, Jurel, Anchovy Blanca, and Anchovy Negra d

Previously reported species (no longer updated)

Fig. 1 - Shrimp, Sardine, Tuna, Anchovies
Fig. 2 - Caballa, Jurel, Merluza, Perico, Volador, Tiburon
Fig. 3 - Anchovies, Sardine, Jurel, Merluza, Shrimp

Annual Temperature Graphs

sample graph images, annual cycle

Annual Temperature By Depth

By year and depth, the weekly temperatures are graphed along with the climatology (lavendar line) and current year highlighted (teal line). d

Surface 10m 25m 60m 100m


Last updated: July 2010.

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