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Studies of Ecological and Chemical Responses to Environmental Trends (SECRET)

Distance by Time Contours

Francisco Chavez
Reiko Michisaki

Distance by Time by Depth Contours
Distance as the x axis, time as the y axis, by a selected depth for the following BCTD parameters: Chlorophyll, Temperature, Salinity, Sigma T, Nitrate, Nitrite, Silicate, and Phosphate.  Integrated Value graphs are hereDistance is measured in kilometers from Moss Landing, CA.  The black diamond markers along the bottom axis represent the stations C1, H3, 67-50, 67-55, 67-60, 67-65, 67-70, 67-75, 67-80, 67-85, 67-90, 67-95, 67-100.  The data have been gridded in SURFER using kriging interpolation. 

L67_dcontours_0.jpg (213167 bytes)
L67_dcontours_5.jpg (210978 bytes)
5 meters
L67_dcontours_10.jpg (222566 bytes)
10 meters
L67_dcontours_20.jpg (229046 bytes)
20 meters
L67_dcontours_30.jpg (233227 bytes)
30 meters
L67_dcontours_40.jpg (242821 bytes)
40 meters
L67_dcontours_60.jpg (255196 bytes)
60 meters
L67_dcontours_80.jpg (252152 bytes)
80 meters
L67_dcontours_100.jpg (235618 bytes)
100 meters
L67_dcontours_150.jpg (191544 bytes)
150 meters
L67_dcontours_200.jpg (178598 bytes)
200 meters

L67_IV_dcontours.jpg (117393 bytes)
Integrated chlorophyll, integrated primary production, pbopt, mixed layer depth.




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