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Welcome to the SOON-Drifter Data Page.

The following files are comma delimited text files and should be saved to your local machine.  These files are updated as data is received at MBARI.

The current list of available drifters are:


STELLA  Surface Temperature
Longitude Latitude Asse

Active MooringsCANON 2013
MBARI-35      (Cabo Pulmo) STELLA-114    (Google Earth kmz)
MBARI-36      (Ensenada) STELLA-100 series    (Google Earth kmz)
MBARI-21    (CICESE - Current Ensenada/SOB II)  
Inactive MooringsInactive Drifters
MBARI-2      (UCLA) STELLA-01    Plot
MBARI-4      (Peru) STELLA-02    Plot   
MBARI-5      (Chile) STELLA-03    Plot
MBARI-6      (Chile) STELLA-04     Plot
MBARI-7      (Peru Racon Bouy) STELLA-05     Plot  
MBARI-8      (M0-current) STELLA-06     Plot   
MBARI-9      (M0-spare) STELLA-07     Plot   
MBARI-10    (M2/NDBC Hybrid) STELLA-08     Plot
SPECPRR     (EQPAC 2007, EP1) STELLA-09      Plot   
MBARI-11    (EP1-2005) STELLA-10     Plot  
SPECPRR     (EP1-2005) STELLA-11    Plot
MBARI-12    (Test Unit) STELLA-12    Plot
MBARI-13    (CICESE - Lost at sea) STELLA-13    Plot
MBARI-14    (EP2-2005) STELLA-14    Plot
MBARI-15    (S. Ocean) STELLA-15    Plot
MBARI-16    (Bay Drifter-2006) Plot STELLA-16    Plot
MBARI-17    (CICESE –Stolen/Old Magdalena Bay)  
MBARI-20    (Bay Drifter 2007)  
MBARI-22  ( CICESE - Previous Magdalena Bay)  
MBARI-23    (CICESE -┬áDamaged/Previous Ensenada)  
MBARI-24    (CICESE -Previous Magdalena Bay)  
MBARI-25    (CICESE, Current Magdelena Bay)  

MBARI-26     (Peru)


MBARI-27     (Peru)


MBARI-28     (Peru)

MBARI-29 (Manzanillo, MX)
MBARI-30 (Test Unit)
MBARI-33 CICESE Current Bahia Magdalena

Last updated: Aug. 19, 2014

MBARI provides data "as is", with no warranty, express or implied, of the quality or consistency. Data are provided without support and without obligation on the part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute to assist in its use, correction, modification, or enhancement.