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Natural and Human Impacts on Monterey Bay California
(aka The State of Monterey Bay)

Seasonal means have been created from 3 stations in Monterey Bay, coastal station C1, mid-bay station Mooring1, and outer bay station Mooring 2, see mapData processing notes.
Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Seasonal Cycle Physical

Data Processing:

  • Daily averages for the shipboard data were calculated from the major stations C1, Mooring1, Mooring2.
  • Interpolation, using the Stineman algorithm, gridded the daily averaged shipboard data into 14-day intervals.
  • Moving averages were calculated for the shipboard data using a 9-point running mean on the interpolated data.
  • Annual means were calculated for the 14 day data (~2 averages per month) which resulted in a total of 26 means per year.