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Axial Volcano

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Axial Volcano is located on the Juan de Fuca Ridge at about 46ºN, 130ºW. The Cobb-Eickelberg seamount chain intersects the Juan de Fuca Ridge axis (Delaney et al., 1981). The volcano is elongate with a summit region between two rift zones that extend north and south. The summit is characterized by a horseshoe-shaped caldera (3 x 8 kilometers) that is open towards the southeast. Hydrothermal vents and deposits are common inside the caldera (e.g., Embley and Chadwick, 1994). An eruption took place on the southeastern edge of the caldera in 1998 (Embley et al., 1999). Numerous previous surveys of Axial Volcano (e.g., Embley et al., 1990; Applegate, 1990; Applegate and Embley, 1992) and continued monitoring efforts by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have provided great detail about the geology and activity of the volcano. 

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The survey presented here is the highest-resolution, best-navigated survey of this feature and provides a base for measuring future changes in the volcano. The survey was already used with previous surveys to define the location and size of the 1998 eruption on the upper part of the south rift (Embley et. al., 1999).

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Axial Volcano perspective views

From the southeast

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From the south

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Axiel Volcano data—40 meter grid cell size
(geographic coordinates)

Grid Sun Illuminated Image Acoustic Reflectivity Image
at 1/2 grid cell size
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