MB-System Copyright

MB-System Copyright © 1993-2017
by David W. Caress and Dale N. Chayes
All Rights Reserved.
All Wrongs Remembered.

MB-System Licensing

The MB-System source code is distributed under the GNU General Public License (version 3) as formulated by the Free Software Foundation. Early MB-System distributions were described as "public domain", which meant there was no restriction whatsoever on the use of the code. For over a decade we have adopted the more restrictive GNU GPL license in order to insure that anyone who distributes software based in whole or in part on MB-System also distributes the modified MB-System source code and any additional source code.

The GNU GPL also prohibits the distribution of proprietary executables linked with MB-System libraries unless the source code is also distributed. We waive this restriction on distributing proprietary compiled programs for specific software products if and only if those software products meet the following two conditions:

Acknowledgment of Source Code Derived From Other Sources

The MB-System distribution includes some source code derived from packages that are distributed separately and have been authored by programmers other than the MB-System team. This includes:

MB-System Caveat

The MB-System software package does not come with any warranties, nor is it guarenteed to work on your computer or to do anything useful. The user assumes full responsibility for the use of this software. In particular, David W. Caress, Dale N. Chayes, the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, or any other individuals or organizations involved in the design and maintenance of the MB-System software package are NOT responsible for any damage that may follow from correct or incorrect use of these programs.

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