Schedule for the MBARI/SECOORA EARTH Workshop

July 8-13, 2012

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Sunday—July 8, 2012 | Back to top

  Travel Day  
1730 Cookout—catered on campus at Seahawk Crossing 3. Dinner will be on the 1st floor. Come in the main building entrance and walk straight back to the multipurpose/AV room. All
1800 Introductions to EARTH and each other
Watson School of Education overview (PowerPoint)
Logistics for the week
Lisa Adams
Dennis Kubasko
Jennifer Dorton
  Pre-workshop survey—  

Monday—July 9, 2012 | Back to top

0800 Breakfast—Food Card for Hawk's Nest  
0830 Overview of goals and objectives of workshop—Watson School of Education
George Matsumoto
0900–1000 Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association (PowerPoint)
Debra Hernandez
1000–1030 Exploration of SECOORA datasets  
1030–1100 Break  
1100–1200 Grey's Reef National Marine Sanctuary (PowerPoint) George Sedberry
1200–1230 Exploration of Grey's Reef NMS datasets (PowerPoint)  
1230–1330 Lunch—Food Card for Hawk's Nest  
1330–1430 Water Quality Monitoring and NERRS (PowerPoint)
Dwayne Porter
1430–1500 Exploration of NERRS datasets
1500–1515 Break  
1515–1730 Rubric presentations all
1730 Evaluation—  
1830 Dinner Downtown—Elijah's  

Tuesday—July 10, 2012 | Back to top

0730 Breakfast—Food Card for Hawk's Nest
Meet at dorms by 0750 for transport to Center for Marine Science
0815 Morning overview at the Center for Marine Science George Matsumoto
0830–0930 UNCW Fixed Mooring Observations (PowerPoint)
Lynn Leonard
0930–1015 Explore data sets  
1015–1030 Break  
1030–1115 High Frequency Radar (PowerPoint) Harvey Seim
1115–1200 Explore data sets  
1200–1230 Introduction to PacIOOS (Potential host for EARTH 2014; PowerPoint) Heather Kerkering
1230–1315 Lunch—provided
1315–1345 Hands-on Equipment Exploration  
1345–1430 Tour of NERR facility Heather Wells
1430–1500 Drive to Aquarium  
1500–1700 Aquarium Exploration, behind-the-scenes guided tour  
1700–1800 Nature walk around aquarium and beach time  
1800–2200 Dinner at Aquarium, drive back to UNCW campus  

Wednesday—July 11, 2012 | Back to top

0730–0800 Breakfast—Food Card for Hawk's Nest
Meet at dorms by 0750 to drive to Center for Marine Science
0830–0900 Morning overview at the dock (Sampling Station #1)
Jennifer Dorton

R/V Cape Fear and sampling stations (water samples, buoys, fisheries, atmospheric)
Data from CTD: Sea-Bird Electronics SBE-37 SMP

  Box Lunch on the boat  
1330–1430 Return to dorms and clean up all
1430–1530 EARTH: Wandering thru EARTH George Matsumoto and
Jennifer Magnusson
1530–1700 Data sharing, choose topics and groups for lesson planning
EARTH Topic Brainstorming
1700–1715 Evaluation— all
1715–2000 Dinner at Hawk's Nest  
2000 Introduction to C-MORE (Co-host for EARTH 2013; PowerPoint) Jim Foley

Thursday—July 12, 2012 | Back to top

0730 Breakfast: Food Card for Hawk's Nest  
0800–0830 Morning debrief/overview—Sea Hawk Crossing 3 Multipurpose Room George Matsumoto
0830–0945 Lesson plan development
(Lesson Plan template—MS Word)
0945–1000 Break  
1000–1200 Lesson plan development
1200–1300 Lunch Food Card for Hawk's Nest  
1300–1645 Continued lesson plan development All
1700–1930 Working dinner—Jimmy John's  

Friday—July 13, 2012 | Back to top

0800 Breakfast will be at Seahawk Crossing 3
900–1130 Presentations—Seahawk Crossing 3 (15 minutes each)
Group Topic/Workshop Materials
Ashley Norton
Katie Lodes
Oh How, Oh How Does Your Gag Grouper Grow?
Lesson Plan (Middle/High School | Elementary School)
Gag Grouper Life Cycle Prezi
Temperature Data and Gag Grouper Larva (PowerPoint)
Student Assessment
Gag Grouper Survival Game
Rhana Paris
Sara Hallas
Beth Marass
Catching the Wandering Eel
Lesson Plan | PowerPoint
Fishery Biologist
Financial Manager
Water Quality Scientist
Land Trustee Study Guide
Word Search [Solution]
Carmelina Livingston
Anne McCarthy
Tools of the Trade
Lesson Plan
Picture Cards
Media Cards
Data Output Cards
Function Cards
News Video
Katrina Alegado
Atlantic Ocean vs. Pacific Ocean: What Do You Know?
Lesson Plan
Student Instructions
Student Webquest Instructions
Excel Instructions
Excel Example
Venn Diagram Template
Final Evaluation
Jenny Lee Art and Ocean Literacy
Lesson Plan | PowerPoint
Erin Bode Tracking Your Trash [Lesson Plan]
Miriam Sutton Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, Watching BOB Float Away
Lesson Plan
Ana Salazar
Donna Reinhart
David Grant
Hurricanes and Hatchlings Don’t Mix
Lesson Plan
Hurricane Worksheet
Standards & Benchmarks
Ocean Literacy
Mary Rosa
Rachel Crawford
Michelle Darguzas
Go With the Flow
Lesson Plan | PowerPoint
Background Resources
Student Data Sheet
Fluid Motion (PowerPoint)
Elizabeth Eubanks Surf, Swim or Stay Home: Using Real-Time Data to Predict and Compare
Lesson Plan | PowerPoint
Student Data Sheet
Angela Taylor Mystery of the Disappearing Sand
Lesson Plan
Sand Mystery Letter (Word | PDF)
Questions for Students
Robert Roth Get Your Feet Wet! Intro to Water Quality [Lesson | Materials]
1130–1200 Evaluation— All
1200 Safe Travels home

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