ALTEX Arctic Cruise
October 7 - November 7, 2001
Tromso, Norway to the Arctic Circle

November 2, 2001: Day #27
Open water

Mike Pinto writes: A disappointing day. One last attempt was made to burn through the ice by placing the buoy under the ice with the ROV. Everyone was hopeful that the removal of the oil residue from the pellet surface, which was expected to be the cause of the reaction failure, would be successful. If so, a test of the AUV launcher with a live buoy under the ice could be conducted. Unfortunately, we ended up with the same result as the prior two attempts. A small reaction began but was not adequate to generate the heat required to burn through the ice.

The decision was made to head back to the fjords outside of Tromso which, if we can obtain permission from the Norwegian government, would give us the opportunity to test the AUV buoy launch system on Monday in relatively calm waters.

As we left the area, the Captain suggested that we tie-down all of our equipment as rough seas were expected during the transit back. No one could complain as we have enjoyed 27 days of relatively flat seas.


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