Easter Microplate Expedition
April 6, 2005 Day 26

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In port, Easter Island. We arrived this morning and are anchored off the town of Hanga Roa on Easter Island. After customs officials clear the ship, we will offload our bags and climb down a ladder into a small boat for a trip through the surf to shore. Much of our equipment and samples will stay aboard until the ship returns to the United States, which will be in July in Seattle, WA.


HangaRoa2_640.JPG (46132 bytes)Moai_640.JPG (58901 bytes)

View from the ship at anchor: the town of Hanga Roa on Easter Island A group of moai, the famous stone heads, standing at the shoreline.

Atlantis.jpg (44191 bytes)RV Atlantis  sailing away from Easter Island on the evening of April 8, headed to Manzanillo, Mexico.

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This expedition has been made possible by National Science Foundation grants to Dr. Robert Vrijenhoek (NSF OCE-0241613) and Dr. Cindy Van Dover (NSF OCE-0350554)

All underwater photos were taken with the submersible Alvin, and are courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.