Easter Microplate Expedition
March 27, 2005 Day 16

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4092Launch_640.jpg (35662 bytes)Alvin at the surface during launch, from below. The science basket is at left, and a viewport through the titanium sphere is just visible where the white fiberglass shell is absent, up and to the right from the basket. Photo by Mark Spear, Alvin tech.

dive# 4092, 32°S2005_03_27_21_17_18_640.jpg (68175 bytes)
Cindy was the only science observer; Tony was the pilot and Greg the pilot-in-training. Their site was a vent that Bob visited in 1999: "Just like today, it was nice and the weather was good." Cindy, who used to be an Alvin pilot, declared it was her best dive ever! They found the line of Snow Ghost chimneys and the field of black-smokers shaped like saguaro cactus as before. The water temperature at a vent was 347°C. They also found multitudes of Oasisia tubeworms, scallops, and a carpet of small red worms. They also collected a glassy piece of lava and took a suction sample that was full of tiny copepods.

Chimney with sulfide flanges that are reminiscent of saguaro cactus arms. A wedge of a 5-gallon paint bucket is the float on the marker in front of the chimney, for scale.

AnaSpinning_640.JPG (59259 bytes)MarkinWater_640.JPG (73419 bytes)
Mark (Alvin tech and swimmer today) in the water taking photos of the Alvin being recovered. Ana spinning on the capstan on the fantail.

PeanutGallery2_640.JPG (59365 bytes)This was Greg's very first dive (he is an Alvin tech and is now a pilot-in-training), so he was treated to a traditional rite of passage by the Alvin Group. Greg took it with a smile. The peanut gallery enjoyed the show from a distance.
–Jenny Paduan

NiskinEmptying_640.JPG (48441 bytes) Victoria and Victor emptying the Niskin water sampler into carboys.

EasterBunny_640.JPG (60961 bytes)The Easter Bunny found us all the way out here. Chocolate for breakfast,YUMM!

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This expedition has been made possible by National Science Foundation grants to Dr. Robert Vrijenhoek (NSF OCE-0241613) and Dr. Cindy Van Dover (NSF OCE-0350554)

All underwater photos were taken with the submersible Alvin, and are courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.