Easter Microplate Expedition March 12-April 6, 2005

Please visit the ChEss website for additional information and translations in Español, Português, and Français.
Photos of the crew in action below


Atlantis Crew



Alvin Pilots


Shipboard Science Services Group



The crew in action!

JerryonTow4094_640.jpg (46476 bytes)

Alvin on tow behind Atlantis during recovery from dive #4094. Jerry (Able-Bodied Seaman) is the swimmer with the sub. Photo by Mark Spear, Alvin tech, WHOI.

RaulPatrickSean4095_640.jpg (56682 bytes)

Sean (Alvin tech), Patrick and Raul (both Ordinary Seamen) in the chase boat after dive #4094. Photo by Mark Spear, Alvin tech, WHOI

NeumannDive4096_6230_640.jpg (50113 bytes)

Patrick (Ordinary Seaman) attaching the safety line for the science basket to secure it for transit through the surface wave zone. Photo by Mark Spear, Alvin tech, WHOI.



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