Easter Microplate Expedition March 12–April 6, 2005

Click here to view Alvin initiation photos.

Jenny, responsible for many of the pictures on the log pages, takes another shot!
GregNerida_640.JPG (61736 bytes)
Greg and Nerida before their dive on March 31.

Cindy, Mark and Mitzi all enjoying the delicious barbeque.
ShanaCaren_640.JPG (51668 bytes)
Shana and Caren are still grinning over the great food.

Crowd1_640.JPG (77047 bytes)
AlvinAfterWatching_640.JPG (71131 bytes)
Watching the Alvin from an upper deck as the ship steams up to her after the dive.

DanJoeAfter_640.JPG (81873 bytes)
Dan and Joe exiting the Alvin after the dive.
RobbieonDeck_640.JPG (73786 bytes)
Robbie watching the sub's recovery and anticipating a long night of dissections.

Ed_crop_640.JPG (50453 bytes)
Ed (Ordinary Seaman)
GreginSub_640.jpg (46715 bytes)
Greg looking through his observer's view port (the small dark spot in the center of the blue padding) during the dive in the Alvin.

RobbieShav3_640.JPG (62704 bytes)
Robbie is scheduled to dive tomorrow. It is critical that the oxygen masks fit snugly without leaks to reduce fire danger in case there's an emergency in the sub, so men must shave their beards. Here he is beginning to be shaved by Caren.
HeavyMetalLook_640.JPG (46189 bytes)
Intermediate step: Robbie's heavy metal look.