Fiji/Lau Expedition
May 15–June 3, 2005

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May 24, 2005

Today is the first relatively free day as we trek to the Mussel Valley site near Fiji. Everyone is catching up on work and play. The folks with Cindy are storing and labeling samples. Vicki and Shana are extracting DNA from bacteria. Greg and Fred search for new species of worms within seemingly indiscernible sand and muck. Shannon and Joe make sure there are enough chemicals and physical supplies on board to meet the needs of the next series of dives. Robbie and Katharine soak up the sights of the Pacific in Melville's hot tub. Bob has been busy all day defining the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates for the next set of dive sites. Everyone seems to welcome the calmer atmosphere. Even the Jason II team work at a leisurely pace. 
–Todd Bliss

Spionid worm.

Peltospirid limpet.
Photos by Greg Rouse.

Carol and Kristie work with toxic chemicals under the fume hood.

Tom and Kristie copy all Jason II data to  disc.

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This expedition has been made possible by National Science Foundation grants to Dr. Robert Vrijenhoek (NSF OCE-0241613) and Dr. Cindy Van Dover (NSF OCE-0350554)