Below is a list of equipment that will be needed in addition to the ROV and its compliment of tools. Also, scientists will be bringing a great deal of supplementary gear not listed here (like computers, microscopes, dissecting tools, cameras, and many other scientific and personal items). 


Acoustic beacons


Animal drawer


Benthic elevator


Biobox with flotation for elevator


Bubble imaging box


Clathrate bucket

CO2 and CH4 dispensing cylinders

Conductivity meter


Core catcher

Core elevator

CTD with O2 and transmissometer

CTD rosette

Detritus samplers

Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer

Fluids van

Gas bubble collection system  

Gas chromatograph

Gas dispensing values

Gas pressure booster

Heat flow probe

Hydrate bucket  

Hydrocarbon fluorometer on ROV and CTD


Inductive Coupled Link

Ion chromatography system

Laboratory gas generators

Licor par sensor and logger

Laser Raman Spectrometer and gear


MBARI Water Sampler ("Plume Sniffer")

Midwater toolsled

Niskin bottles

Optical profiler (PRR)




Pore water van

Push cores

Radium sampling system

Raman scatter probe

SCUBA gear (Blue water diving)


Spectroradiometer (PRR)


Suction sampler

Suction sampler nozzle assembly

Suction sampler transecting net assembly

Thermocouple arrays

Turner fluorometer

Ultralow freezer

Underway CTD

Underway iron system

Underway pCO2


Water column syringe sample

Water purification system

Water samplers

Zooplankton nets, 1m Tucker trawl